About Aaron

Hi I’m Aaron, a freelance web designer. I’ve taken an unusual and windy road to becoming a web designer and it’s this unusual route, is my greatest asset.

Growing up in Sheffield, UK I went on to study BA Politics & Philosophy, then MA Terrorism & Security. 

I spent my early twenties working odd jobs and travelling before beginning my career as a Data Analyst based at a law firm. 

By 28 I decided that Data Analytics wasn’t for me and left to travel and become a web designer. Several years and countries later I’m back in the UK and here we are!

Ultimately, it’s my variety of life experiences, from travel to career, combined with the creative and practical skills that I’ve developed that gives me my unique vision as a designer.

My personal design style is quite minimalist. Allow the space to speak volumes about the project. However, I always enjoy a new challenge so I revel at the chance to work with new colour pallettes and techniques.

All in all, I am an unusual brand of designer who loves his job and working with new clients to make their dreams a reality.



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Interview with Aaron

What is Web Design to Aaron?

Web design for me is a way to simultaneously fulfill my to goals in life. To express my creativity and to help others achieve their dreams. By creating beautiful and intuitive websites I get to help my clients express their brands and attract customers, whilst scratching my own creative itch! What more could I want!

UX or UI?

Without sounding like an ancient mystic, to have one without the other is to have an incomplete solution to a problem. So I think that any design must find a balance between the user journey and the interface that they are presented with.

Best piece of design advice that I’ve received?

I recently heard an interview with Chris Do where he was asked whether it’s better for designers to go broad or go deep. Part of his answer was that no matter what type of designer you are, you are a designer and first and foremost you are problem solver. We have to really listen to our clients and understand what the problem is they are trying to solve before we can create a strategy to solve it.

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